Monday, September 9, 2013

Why I wrote THE LIBYAN...

Esther Kofod

THE LIBYAN is not about the man, Ghaddafi, who was dictator in Libya for 42 years. It is about Libya and Libyans.  It is about putting a face on the voice and feelings of Libyans who had to learn to survive, or not, living under the shadow of a man who was called by many as half clown and half monster.

When the United States started sending troops into Afghanistan, I realized that they were going to fight and perhaps die in a country most Americans knew nothing about, or even where it was.  Personally, because I had been fortunate to travel extensively, I knew where Afghanistan was, but I had only met one Afghani in my life.  I knew almost nothing about the history, people or culture.  I was determined to know more.  I felt I needed to, as an American, and for our men who were sent there.  Most of their lives would be changed, and many would die there.

I started by reading "The Kite Runner", and "A Thousand Splendid Suns", and began to read and listen to news and events happening there with more understanding. It opened my mind, my eyes and my heart to the plight of the people of Afghanistan, in particular the women.
In  my own humble way, I hope to introduce people to the Libya I knew and love.  Most people associate Libya with two words, Ghaddafi and Benghazi, without knowing much of either.  In THE LIBYAN, I hope to introduce my reader to a composite of Libyans, living everyday lives under extraordinary circumstances. My hope is to put a face on Libya and the Libyans which will make my reader see Libya and feel the heartbeat of the Libyans I knew and loved.


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