Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Happy 2014

We had a quiet family Christmas, after which we all drove down to Disney World, Orlando, a surprise Christmas present for the children. In turn, we had a lovely surprise ourselves. My nephew, who had flown in from Libya to attend College, decided to meet us in Orlando. It was very well planned and a wonderful treat for us to spend a few days with him.

Magic Kingdom
We spent a full day there, and it was a lot of fun for the children as well as Riad.

New Years Eve, Epcot
After walking all day yesterday, I felt like I had left my feet at the "Pirates of the Caribbean". Poor Riad, he must thought we were crazy, rushing from one ride to another and then standing in line for an hour to get on!
I decided to take it easy this day, going from one country to another, savoring the food of each. We started with lunch at England, and yes, their Fish and Chips were as good as any I've had in London. We then walked to Morocco for mint tea and pastries.
When we walked over to China, we realized that the crowd had grown so much that it was almost impossible to see anything.
The moral of this is: don't go to Epcot on New Year's Eve unles you like being packed in like sardines in a can, or enjoy drinking.  It dawned on us that Epcot is the only attraction in Disney that allows alcohol, therefore plenty adults visiting Disney decided to celebrate New Years Eve there. Since we don't drink, we left Epcot early and disappointed.

I pray that 2014 will bring peace and stability to Libya. So sad that there are people out there who are obstructing what could be such a great opportunity to develop Libya after 42 years of terror and stagnation. Thousands of Libyans died for freedom, yet there are elements out there who are continuing Ghaddafi's legacy. God bless Libya.
One Libya for all Libyans.......