Wednesday, August 6, 2014


"In 1977, Ghaddafi deviously arranged for a "literary" festival", inviting prominent and promising artists and writers to attend. After all the participants showed up, he had them arrested and thrown in jail, where they were interrogated and tortured, many for almost ten years."

Esther Kofod

I have often thought of all that talent, holed up in Abu Salim, their creative souls and minds mingling with the squalor and perversions of brutality. Many survived, and some have gone on to produce even better work of art and writings. I would love to read and learn more about them and their stories. How pitiful, that Gaddafi found even talent a threat. Libya would be better today if he had heeded their message and shared the beauty of their art.

When I joined Twitter about a year ago, I knew nothing about how it worked, and definitely had no idea of its potential. Through Twitter, I have literally been connected to the world, and more specifically, back to Libya in a way I would never have thought possible. I have not only made some amazing Twitter friends, but I have also been introduced to some outstanding Libyan artists. I am so moved by their talent that I want to share some of them with you. These are, of course, only a few of them. I would be honored to be introduced to more...

Bashar Shglila, Photographer. "Ride Like The Wind"

Najla Fitouri, Painter. "Lost Everything, Nothing Left But Love"

Ehsan Azzuz, Digital Artist. "Tripoli With Roses"

Nader ElGadi, Photographer. "Eid Prayer At Murad Agha Mosque In Tajoura"