Tuesday, August 2, 2016

US strikes ISIS targets in Sirt, Libya...

I support the US bombing of ISIS in Libya because it's an ISIS stronghold, and because I have very strong and repugnant feelings regarding ISIS, stemming from a personal one. What some of you may not know about was the kidnapping and murder of my nephew by ISIS in Libya, even though the ransom was paid. 
What I fear is that the lack of leadership and utter chaos and  breakdown of law and order in Libya is leading to the death of the country. Without help, Libya has the potential to be another Syria, maybe even worse. Each group holds the other hostage for their own interest, yet not a single one strong enough to unite the country, including the HOR. 
Libyans cannot do it on their own without international help. The death toll is rising, there is practically no medical care, no money, no law and order, daily kidnappings and assassinations, etc....and ISIS.
I lived in the shadow of a dictatorship, under Gadaffi. I never imagined it could be worse. 
Libya is dying a slow death while Libyans debate what to do. There is only one choice...unite under a majority, or die. Democracy is a political luxury that does not always work for different situations. It sometimes take many steps to get there. Libya is taking baby steps, and yes, in my humble opinion, Libya needs outside help in order to survive. 
Hopefully one day, Libya will find the form of government, a political model, best suited to its unique cultural, religious and social heritage.

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