Friday, April 15, 2016


    "Libyan cuisine is the cooking traditions, practices, foods and dishes associated with the country of Libya. The cuisine derives much from the traditions of the Mediterranean (especially Italy), North Africa, and the Middle East..."
    These are some of my personal favorites which I sometimes cook...except for the Bazeen, which requires a little muscle...!
    ASSIDA is a breakfast favorite. It is basically boiled dough, vigorously stirred until smooth, then shaped and served with melted ghee or butter and date palm syrup. 
    BSISA, dates and buttermilk...Bsisa is based on flour of roasted barley which dates back to Roman times. It is often served at breakfast, usually mixed with olive oil. Dates and Buttermilk is also popular at Ramadan to breaking fast.

    COUSCOUS is the national  dish of Libya. It is usually made with lamb (in Libya it's prefered fresh) in a tomato based sauce simmered with spices, onions, and vegetables. The sauce is then served over the couscous. 

    BAZEEN is a Libyan specialty and one of my personal favorites. The boiled barley dough is served with an exquisitely based tomato sauce of lamb chunks, potatoes and boiled eggs.

    SHARBA is lamb soup (sometimes chicken is used instead), cooked with tomato paste, onions, spices, and finished with orzo, chickpeas, parsley and mint. 
    SHARBA is served every night during Ramadan to break fast. 

    MACARONI BECHAMEL is made with penne pasta, spiced ground beef and Bechamel sauce. 

    MAHSHEE is bell peppers stuffed with rice, meat, herbs and spices.

    EJJA is a frittata dish baked in the oven. It is made from eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs. 

    A meal in Libya is always followed by Libyan tea. The first shot (glass) is plain, then subsequent additions include peanuts, mint, almonds, attar (scented geraniums), etc.

    UMBACOUPKA  is hands down Libya's most favorite and beloved dish. You'll find it everywhere, anytime, with different names, and in different variations. The popular variation is  lamb, potatoes, carrots, different vegetables, and spices cooked in a tomato sauce. 

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