Monday, July 6, 2015

Durian and Assida...a Singapore girl in Libya.
Logistically, it should never have happened. But it did...
The result is THE LIBYAN, my memoir of marriage to a Libyan scholar and diplomat. His love and obsession with Libya became a story that I've always wanted to share, and felt needed to be told.
Multicultural and multiracial marriages are becoming more common. With that comes a myriad of multi problems as well as a better shot at world peace and beautiful children! For myself, a Eurasian Catholic born and bred in Singapore, multi anything comes easily.  So it was with great bravado and armed with naïveté and limited knowledge, that I married a Libyan and moved to Libya. 
Having visited Egypt and Lebanon in my college days, I knew Libya was different and more conservative. 
My husband had courted me with Arabic poetry and stories of his large family, which was very romantic and appealing to an only child. What he had not prepared me for was the lack of diapers, random arrests, and public hangings. After five years, we had to flee the country for political reasons, leaving everything behind, including my loving Libyan family. 
Singapore girl marrying a Libyan is like the difference between Durian and Assida. If you have experienced them, you'll know what I mean...

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