Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ghaddafi, the Libyan Terror...

Muammar Ghaddafi, Libyan Dictator 1969-2011

Waiting rather impatiently for my book release.  The latest release date is August 30th.  My publisher said  September 1st., but I told him I didn't think that would be a good idea since that is the anniversary of Ghaddafi's revolution.  On September 1st 1969, he overthrew King Idris in a bloodless revolution.  Libyans joyously anticipated the birth of a dynamic new country, with great hopes for a better Libya.  Instead, for the next 42 years they were ruled by a dictator who turned the richest country in Africa into the most oppressed country in the Arab world.

"The love affair with his revolution died as soon as it became evident that the love Ghaddafi had for himself was more than his love for Libyans.  Discontent was only voiced in whispers and among family and close friends, for fear the wrong person was listening.  Just as his pictures were posted on every street, in every building, so too were spies and secret police."

Excerpt from The Libyan

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